・I graduated from public high school at the age of 18.
・I entered Gunma University. I graduated at the age of 22.
I entered Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (graduate school), majored in information technology and learnt CG.
I graduated at the age of 24.

・I worked for an IT manufacturer as an IT consultant for 3 years and 3months.
・I entered the video production course of Digital Hollywood's Yokohama school which has since closed down and learnt video production
・I worked as a freelancer, and then joined a CG production company as a Director of the Video and Web production for 1 year.
・I worked for a Web production company as a Web producer for 3years and 6months. 
・I work for Business Development Dept of a sports retail company.

・Presentation and documentation ability based on logical thinking
・Image production ability
(Adobe Premiere, After Effect, Autodesk 3dsmax.)
・Design ability
(Adobe Photoshop, illustrator.)
・Image and Web production ability
I have diverse work experience that makes me a jack of all trades.
>>> link my work

・My hobby is sports. I organized a futsal team Also, I play baseball, tennis and golf.
>>> link my futsal team Web site

・Because I wanted to make films, I studied image production. Therefore, I often see movies. I aim to see 100 movies a year.
>>> link my favorite movies

・I usually play sports or see movies in my freetime. I have a wide range of interest in such reading and computer games.
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・About this Web site
First, I haven’t produced any works recently. I want to drive myself to work harder as a creator. So I felt that it was necessary to open my work to the world.
By doing so I hope to motivate myself to create more.
Secondly, I have 3 years career as a Web producer, but I don’t have Web site programing skill. Therefore, I want an experimental site for studying Web
Thirdly, I want to put all my outlets such as twitter and blog together through this Web site.

 情報工学分野の学科に所属。主に、CG(Computer Graphic)に関する技法・プログラミングを学ぶ。

・映像制作能力 (Adobe Premiere, After Effect, Autodesk 3dsmax使用可)
・デザイン能力 (Adobe Photoshop, illustrator使用可)
・映像・Web制作プロデュース能力 我ながら、異色のスキルセット。しかし、どれも浅い。
>>> 主な作品はこちら

>>> フットサルチームのサイトは、こちら
>>> 僕に影響を与えた映画はこちら
>>> 僕に影響を与えた本は、こちら
>>> 僕に影響を与えた漫画は、こちら
>>> 僕に影響を与えたゲームは、こちら

最近、全く自主制作を行えていないので。 ふたつめは、3年ほどWebプロデューサーを仕事として経験したが、

Name: Tomohisa Yamano
Hometown: Tokushima
Residence : Tokyo
Birth date: 1977/08/05
Physical siza: 167cm,68kg,Right-handed
Special skill: shooting the breeze, napping
Week point: Gets bored easily, fickle